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MREA T-shirts

Wear your support for renewable energy with an MREA shirt!

Bright and Breezy. This t-shirt features a scenic vista with solar panels, wind turbines, and the phrase "The future is bright and breezy." The back features an alternate MREA logo.

Sun, Wind, and Water. This t-shirt features the classic MREA logo on the front, and the phrase "Working for a Sun, Wind, and Water powered Montana" on the back.

Proceeds go right to MREA to support our work advocating for sound policies in Helena and
educating Montanans across the state about renewable energy.

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Currently available in unisex sizing only (scroll down for a size chart).

bellacanvas tshirt size chart

We are proud to order high-quality t-shirts that were sourced from a company with a strong corporate responsibility program that powers their manufacturing plants with solar. The company is mostly USA based, and is "no sweat shop" certified.