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Who You'll Meet at the Fair, Part 2: Industry Leaders

Who You'll Meet at the Fair, Part 2: Industry Leaders

The 8th Annual Montana Renewable Energy Fair is coming to Bozeman. From 9am to 4pm on Saturday, August 11th, individuals from around the state will meet in Bozeman to rally under a common banner of supporting renewable energy and learning more about its various benefits for Montanans. Taking place at the Gallatin Country Fairgrounds (901 N. Black Ave.), visitors will get the chance to experience a variety of workshops, exhibits and activities all centered around clean energy. The fair will include: demonstrations of solar, wind, and energy efficiency technologies and concepts; an electric car show; activities for kids; and, of course, food vendors.

Fairgoers will have the opportunity to meet professionals in the clean energy field, industry members and experts, and conservation and energy advocates. In this series, we’ll be sharing more about who you’ll have the opportunity to meet and engage with when you join us on August 11th!

This series is produced by Mason Dow, MREA's Communications Intern

Part 2: Industry Leaders

If you are seeking advice or information from professionals who have years of experience in clean energy technology, implementation, and use then be sure to visit with the industry leaders who will be representing their craft at this year’s Fair. From experienced solar installers to innovators in electric vehicle charging, the Fair will host a wide variety of seasoned businessfolk who are eager to share their knowledge with you. Read more to learn about some of these practiced and dedicated industry members that will be attending the Clean Energy Fair on August 11th.

               Fair goers looking at electric cars      Solar installer talking about PV

Henry Dykema – Sundance Solar
Henry Dykema is one of the early pioneers of solar installation here in Montana. Henry started installing solar panels by first beginning with his own home over thirty years ago. Since then, Henry has become a leader amongst his peers around the state in regard to knowledge and experience. He has tracked the progression of the solar industry here in Montana with pride, leading him to start his own company, Sundance Solar Installations.

Henry specializes in off-grid living and how to live a sustainable and remote lifestyle. At this year’s Fair, he will be facilitating a workshop on off grid living, sharing how Montanans can realize this same dream and will offer advice to those looking to add renewable energy and storage to an off-grid home. Each year, Henry enjoys connecting and sharing stories with the community of off-the-grid citizens that attend the fair. Through informing fairgoers about energy consumption and different installation options, Henry hopes to aid Montana’s who are coming to the fair looking for ways to increase energy independence as well as their personal sustainability.

Kyle Bolger – Blue Planet Energy
Kyle Bolger will be a first-time presenter at this year’s Fair, and we are grateful that he will be joining us! Kyle will be giving a workshop on the burgeoning industry of lithium ion battery storage for residential scale renewable energy. Kyle’s company, Blue Planet Energy, is an industry leader in proprietary battery technology, which can give prospective clean energy owners more choice when expanding their energy consumption portfolio. Kyle will be presenting to inform solar installers and consumers alike on these new technologies, and how the marketplace is shifting, performance is improving, and costs are falling.

Kyle has found that even those steeped with years of experience in the solar field are still behind the curve when it comes to understanding the variety of options that exists for battery storage and hopes to change this for fairgoers who attend his presentation. Kyle anticipates a variety of stakeholders will be attracted to this information, including not only installers and consumers, but also local administrators and infrastructure officials who can use this knowledge to aid in safely regulating energy storage technology. Kyle is excited to connect with Montanan’s and share his excitement about his company’s work and the bright future of renewable energy storage at this summer’s Clean Energy Fair.

Bill Clem – CEO/Founder of KERBspace
KERBspace is on the cutting edge of electric vehicle charging, and this year’s Clean Energy Fair is lucky to have Bill Clem, founder and CEO of the company. Bill has spent his career designing and engineering products, and he and his team have now turned their efforts to electric mobility. Bill is excited to be part of one of the Fair’s more special and unique offerings: an electric vehicle car show, complete with models owned and displayed by local Montanans for attendees to explore. Bill’s goal is to educate attendees on the multitude of benefits that come with electric transportation, including convenience, savings, autonomy and sustainability. Fairgoers will have the opportunity for a hands-on experience with the vehicles, which Bill hopes will get Montanans more familiar with the future of travel and consumers ahead of the curve in understanding the rapid evolution of electric vehicle technology.

Stay tuned for more from this series about the incredible individuals you will meet at our Fair, and don't  forget to go back and read Part 1: Advocates. You can RSVP for the Fair on Facebook and be sure to invite your friends! 

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