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Clean Power Plan: Governor Bullock needs to hear from you

In August the Environmental Protection Agency released the Clean Power Plan, a responsible step to fight climate change. The plan sets Montana on a path to cut carbon pollution from power plants while re-investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy. This is a path that will protect our clean air and key industries while making room for new jobs in the clean energy sector.

But to take full advantage of this opportunity, we need Governor Bullock’s leadership. Let him know that you support a Montana solution to the Clean Power Plan that puts efficiency and renewable energy first.

Governor Bullock has a strong record on clean energy. He has repeatedly blocked attempts to roll back Montana’s energy conservation tax credits and renewable energy standard and he’s made it clear that he understands the imperative of addressing climate change.

Now Governor Bullock needs to hear from you. He needs to know that you support a made-in-Montana answer to the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. He needs to hear that you support a plan that protects our clean air, cuts climate pollution and creates new renewable energy jobs.

Please take a few minutes to send Governor Bullock a quick note, or leave him a message at his office by calling (406) 444-3111.

Thanks for all that you do—

Ben Brouwer, Policy Director

PS: Check out this powerful op-ed explaining why we need the Clean Power Plan, co-authored by Diana Maneta, MREA’s Executive Director. Then do your part to help out: tell Gov. Bullock to keep leading on clean energy.

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