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Thank you for signing onto our petition supporting more homegrown energy for Montana's small businesses, schools, and libraries. We have added your voice to our letter, which we will be delivering to legislators in Helena.

Our success is hinged on how much we can amplify our voice.

Now that you have added your voice in support, please help us amplify that voice by sending the message below to another business in your community and ask them to join you in signing onto this petition. 

Dear (First Name),

I’m writing to ask you to join me in signing a letter supporting an important policy that will help Montanans install more solar and wind energy systems. Right now, if a Montanan wants to use solar or wind energy to save money by offsetting their energy costs they are limited, by law, on how big of a system they can install. That limit is currently 50 kW, which is a fraction of the energy needs of Montana’s small businesses, schools, and libraries. The letter I am asking you to sign supports raising that limit to a more appropriate level for Montana. A higher limit will save Montana’s businesses and taxpayers money.

Please join me in signing on in support of this bill. You can read the full petition and add your name on the Montana Renewable Energy Association website here:

Thank you!