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About the Utility Scale Renewables Data

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This project includes a map and table of utility scale renewable energy generating facilities in Montana. "Utility scale" projects are those that sell electricity to a utility or that are owned by a utility for energy supply purposes. This dataset includes a notation of generating facilities that have been certified as an eligible renewable resource, pursuant to the Montana Renewable Power Production and Rural Economic Development Act (MCA 69-3-20), also known as the 'Renewable Portfolio Standard' (RPS) or 'Renewable Energy Standard' (RES). Projects that have been certified as a 'Community Renewable Energy Project' (CREP, MCA 69-3-2003), as defined by the RPS, are also noted. 'Qualifying Facilities,' as defined in federal code by the Public Utilities Regulatory Policy Act of 1978 (PURPA) are noted.

Data sources for the utility scale projects include the Montana Public Service Commission, Montana Department of Environmental Quality, Montana Department of Commerce, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Renewable Northwest.

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Download a CSV file of the dataset used to generate the utility scale map and table in this project. Feel free to contact MREA with comments or corrections.

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