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See the latest trends and get the information you need about distributed generation (net metering), community scale, and utility scale renewable energy generation in Montana.
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This series of maps and charts illustrates current and historical development of renewable energy in Montana, including both on-site 'net metering' systems and utility scale projects.

The Net Metering, All Utilities page summarizes data about on-site solar photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric systems interconnected to one of 15 Montana electric utilities. Additional data is provided specifically for NorthWestern Energy net metering systems. Off-grid projects and solar thermal systems are not included at this time.

Utility scale projects are mapped separately. Those projects include renewable energy generating facilities (wind, hydroelectric, biomass, landfill/wastewater methane) in Montana that sell electricity to a utility, or that are owned by a utility.

Data was last updated December 2017. 

Net Metering All Utilities

Net Metering NorthWestern Energy

Utility Scale Generation