Net Metering: NorthWestern Energy

Installation of on-site, net metered renewable energy projects has shown strong and steady growth over the past 15 years. Montana’s ample renewable energy resources — solar, wind, and hydro — have helped facilitate and encourage growth.
Utilizing data provided by NorthWestern Energy, we have compiled that information to paint a picture of not only installed generating capacity across the state, but also the specific types of growth the industry has experienced.

Growth Trends

While growth has been steady throughout the renewable energy field as a whole, data from the last 15 years clearly show that the most significant growth has been concentrated in residential solar PV systems.

About the Data

Interested in learning more about the data used for this project? To view the data in a tabular overview, download a CSV version of the data, or review the thinking that informed our calculations, visit the data overview page.

Case Studies

MREA has created a series of video and written profiles of renewable energy projects and businesses throughout Montana.

aero-logoREPOWER MT
The Alternative Energy Resources Organization (AERO) has compiled a series of case studies telling the stories of on-site renewable energy projects, both off-grid and net metered.

You can submit your own renewable energy or conservation project to AERO for inclusion on their Repower MT map here. Repower MT case study categories include Biofuel, Biomass, Conservation, Geothermal, Hydro, Solar and Wind.

Additional Resources

The U.S. Department of Energy compiles maps of biomass, hydropower, solar photovoltaic, concentrating solar and wind energy potential in Montana.
The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) provides a comprehensive source of information about state and federal tax credits, grants, loans, net metering agreements, etc.
NorthWestern Energy provides details about their net metering agreement & guides to on-site energy production as well as energy conservation tips, details about their energy efficiency rebate program, and tools to calculate energy use.
The MT Department of Environmental Quality has information about the state’s Alternative Energy Revolving Loan program, conservation tax credits, statewide energy statistics, and details about renewable energy resources.