Defend Net Metering in the Rate Case

Montana's largest investor owned utility recently filed a general electric rate case with the Montana Public Service Commission in order to update electricity rates for their customers. In the filing, they are proposing new fees on net metering customers that would penalize rooftop solar customers for producing their own energy. These changes could be disastrous. An electric utility in Arizona recently implemented similar changes. The solar industry tanked, with one installer reporting a 96% reduction in sales in the following months. We need your help to make sure this doesn’t happen in Montana.

MREA has successfully fought to protect net metering in the Legislature for years. Now, the utility has taken the fight to the Public Service Commission, where it is more expensive and complicated to do our work. MREA will be involved in this case to defend net metering, but we need the resources to ensure we can do so effectively.

Rate case fundraiser tracking

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