MREA’s 2015 Policy Priorities: Defend and Expand Opportunities for Distributed Renewable Energy

Policy & Advocacy
Net Metering: Fair Credit for Clean Energy Broadly distributed around Montana are more than 1,000 solar arrays, small wind turbines and micro hydro projects that provide power to homes, businesses, schools, farms and ranches. When the wind is blowing or the sun is shining and these generators produce more energy than the owner is using, the extra electrons flow onto the power grid and are sold by the utility to neighboring customers. Montana law guarantees that renewable energy system owners get full credit on their power bill for each kilowatt-hour of clean energy they provide to the utility. That’s fair. Let’s keep it that way. Why are Utilities Putting up Barriers to Rooftop Solar? Renewable energy is helping Montana families and businesses take charge of their energy costs like never…
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