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MREA is your voice for renewable energy in Montana. Amplify our voice in 2021 as we work with our elected officials to remove the barriers keeping Montana from taking advantage of solar and wind.
Helena Capitol Building

AMPLIFY Our Community's Voice

In a year full of political division it’s important to remind ourselves of the values that all Montanans have in common. Independence. Resilience. Community. For twenty years we have traveled the state educating and advocating for renewable energy, and we know that rooftop solar, small wind, energy storage, and other renewable energy technologies have popular, strong, and bipartisan support in Montana. Our elected officials need to be reminded of this.

Montana’s energy policies are outdated and restrictive. Legislative roadblocks are making it harder and more expensive for Montana’s households, businesses, and schools to install solar and wind. In January, a new Governor will take over the second floor of the Capitol. Governor-elect Gianforte’s Comeback Plan for Montana focuses on economic security for Montanans, boosting small businesses, and getting Montanans back to work in well-paying careers. Renewable energy checks all of these boxes, and MREA is going to make sure the Governor connects those dots for Montana.

MREA is your voice for sound, affordable energy policies and we are asking you to help amplify that voice for 2021. We need to remove the roadblocks preventing Montanans from saving money by producing their own home-grown energy, and we need to prevent the creation of any new ones. We will work with our Legislature and new Governor to share our vision of a Montana full of independent and resilient communities powered by clean, affordable energy.

MREA began twenty years ago as a small group of renewable energy enthusiasts who came together to brainstorm ways to help Montanans learn more about solar and wind energy. Today, MREA is the center of a statewide community of renewable energy educators, experts, and advocates. We have always spoken up for renewable energy – be it educating in Montana’s classrooms, lobbying in the hallways of Helena, or testifying in the chambers of the Public Service Commission. This coming year, help us speak even louder as we push for the policy changes Montana badly needs.