Sundance Solar Systems

Penny Per Watt
A conversation with Henry Dykema [caption id="attachment_1043" align="alignright" width="300"] Henry Dykema, owner of Sundance Solar Systems[/caption] In April 2016, MREA talked with Henry Dykema, owner of Sundance Solar Systems, about how he’s seen Montana’s solar industry change over the past 25 years. How did you get into solar? It had always been an interest of mine. I grew up back East, and one of my neighbors was solar pioneer Jeffrey Fowler, author of “The Evolution of an Independent Home.” I ended up getting a master’s degree in wildlife biology, but took several solar courses on the side. When my wife Barbara and I decided to move to Montana in 1992, we jumped into solar with both feet. We built our own off-grid solar home in Luther (near Red Lodge), where…
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