Welcome to MREA!

The Montana Renewable Energy Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2000. We are businesses, individuals, and families dedicated to expanding Montana’s use of renewable energy in order to conserve natural resources, create jobs, and increase the independence and resilience of our communities. Join us!

Matching Gift Challenge Announced

We are humbled and excited to announce a matching gift challenge provided by the Board of Directors. All donations made before December 31st will be matched up to $6,300. In addition, the Cinnabar Foundation will match all donations made before November 30th up to $3,000!  These funds will help MREA expand staff opportunities to better support our 2018 programming, which will include:

• Working with the PSC and other stakeholders on the resolution of a net-metering cost benefit analysis currently being conducted by the state’s largest utility
• Engagement with elected officials as they begin developing legislation for the 2019 Legislative Session
• Hosting our Annual Montana Clean Energy Fair, now entering its 8th year and moving to a new community (more soon!)
• Educating students, business owners, and all community members throughout Montana on the benefits of renewable energy and the important role played by those who can influence its development

And we can do so much more. Please make a tax-deductible gift today.

Upcoming Events

Nov. 28th – Giving Tuesday
During the season of giving, Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to give a different kind of gift. Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving aimed at providing support to organizations working to strengthen our communities. At MREA, we are preparing for 2018 to be a critical year for renewable energy development in Montana. We rely on your support to ensure we have the resources to continue our fight for renewable energy. Please support MREA, and if you’re not yet a member, please join our community. Thank you!

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